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3 simple ways to get more done

Did you know you can be more effective, for longer periods, if you pay more attention to what you’re doing?  (We…

BY: Susan Rochester August 3, 2010
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Wondering what your team’s thinking?

Those who attended our webinar ‘How to Make Your Good Team Great’ last week already know about our ‘Team Health…

BY: Susan Rochester July 12, 2010
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Why is it so hard to get lasting results from team-building activities?

Often when we think a team isn’t as productive as it could be, our first reaction is to spend some…

BY: Susan Rochester July 12, 2010
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Team lessons from the last week in politics

In Australia, we have had a recent change of Prime Minister.  Since then, I’ve been reflecting on what we can learn…

BY: Susan Rochester June 28, 2010
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Are you getting the full picture?

Sometimes we make employment decisions without access to all the facts. When our daughter asked to start piano lessons recently,…

BY: Susan Rochester June 15, 2010

Q&A with Jim Aitken on people management

Counciller Jim Aitken OAM shares his 60+ years of entrepreneurial wisdom Jim Aitken’s first enterprise was selling papers, magazines and cigarettes…

BY: Susan Rochester May 1, 2009