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Writing an effective job advertisement

The development of a job advertisement is a crucial part of the recruitment and selection process to enhance the employer’s…

BY: Susan Rochester September 5, 2011
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The five step skills shortage strategy

One of the constants in running a business is the challenge of attracting and retaining high quality staff. We have…

BY: Susan Rochester October 12, 2010
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Turn your ‘better than nothing’ into ‘really something’

A comment by a client yesterday started me thinking about our willingness to settle for less than ideal when we…

BY: Susan Rochester September 28, 2010
Assessments, People Management, Recruitment

Overcoming deception

We are often asked by recruitment consultants and employers if it is easy to ‘cheat’ on the Harrison Assessment. The…

BY: Susan Rochester August 31, 2010
People Management, Recruitment

Five reasons interviews often miss their mark

Research shows that if you use an interview as your main decider, you have only a 14% chance that the person you choose will perform well in…

BY: Susan Rochester August 24, 2010
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Banking on your reputation

If your chances of being hired or promoted – or winning a new client – depended 20% on your qualifications and…

BY: Susan Rochester August 10, 2010