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What’s wrong with politics?

In a recent conversation with a candidate for the next election, she told me she thought politics as a career…

BY: Susan Rochester February 6, 2013
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Want better customer service?

Qantas is planning to give financial bonuses to cabin crew and other staff based on customer satisfaction (Sydney Morning Herald,…

BY: Susan Rochester June 4, 2012
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Not everyone wants to learn, you know…

Have you ever tried training someone and felt like you were getting nowhere? This was one of my early HR…

BY: Susan Rochester May 15, 2012
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Giving feedback? Remember the other F-words

Feedback is one area some people struggle with when managing staff.  Remembering some other f-words could make it easier! Here…

BY: Susan Rochester October 20, 2011
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How’s your balance?

A recent conversation with Thea Foster of Added Value Corporation prompted this article. Thanks for the inspiration, Thea! We all…

BY: Susan Rochester July 18, 2011
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Critical skill shortage 2: Problem solving and decision making

This is the third of six articles inspired by data about skills shortages in the banking and finance sector, from…

BY: Susan Rochester May 23, 2011