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CDAA Workshop: Expand your Career Assessment Toolkit

Event Details Name: NSW Event: Expand your Career Assessment Toolkit (24 Sept) Venue: UTS City Campus, Cnr Quay St &…

BY: Susan Rochester August 23, 2016
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Employee engagement: 5 ways to kill it

Employee engagement is a favourite topic with employers and staff alike. The annual employee engagement survey always has some interesting…

BY: Susan Rochester August 18, 2016
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Managing complainers on your team

  Complainers. Whingers. How are you managing this type of employee in your organisation? Characteristics: Non-stop complaining about the company,…

BY: Susan Rochester June 30, 2016

Project Manager Job Template

Here is Dr Dan Harrison’s explanation for why Harrison Assessments doesn’t have a Project Manager template. One of the most…

BY: Susan Rochester June 3, 2016
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Using assessments to recruit staff

Assessments are being used more extensively by SMEs for selection, team building and staff development. Here’s a quick rundown on…

BY: Susan Rochester April 15, 2016
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Paradox theory and team dynamics

This article was originally written and posted by Dr Dan Harrison. You can read the original version here. In today’s…

BY: Susan Rochester November 19, 2015