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Building an agile culture

You’ve probably seen all sorts of things about the benefits of building an agile culture – but wanting one and building one are two very different…

BY: Susan Rochester August 23, 2017
Coaching, Culture

3 reasons your clients lose trust in you

All professionals depend on the trust of their clients, and unfortunately when clients lose trust it takes a long time…

BY: Susan Rochester August 16, 2017
Culture, Engagement, People Management, Productivity

Are you killing the business you love?

Killing the business you love involves mistakes, misdemeanours and stunning failure brought about by business owners who didn’t know their limitations…

BY: Susan Rochester July 24, 2017
Culture, Engagement, Motivaton, People Management, Teams

Why accountability is the new black in management

Management trends can come and go, and a few can even re-emerge after lying in wait. One idea to re-emerge in…

BY: Susan Rochester July 19, 2017
Coaching, Culture, Motivaton, Productivity

Get SMART to measure your business goals

Many businesses set goals, but don’t know how to measure their progress against them – and that’s a problem. Goal…

BY: Susan Rochester July 14, 2017
Culture, Engagement, Motivaton, People Management

3 signs an employee is on the way out

Losing an employee is the most obvious indicator of engagement in your organisation – so how do you know one…

BY: Susan Rochester June 2, 2017