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Employee engagement: 5 ways to kill it

Employee engagement is a favourite topic with employers and staff alike. The annual employee engagement survey always has some interesting…

BY: Susan Rochester August 18, 2016

Inbox tips to change your life

Do you come back to an overflowing inbox after holidays and weekends? How does that affect your productivity? Worse still,…

BY: Susan Rochester August 12, 2016
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Performance reviews no more? 3 things to consider!

When I first heard of big name companies like Deloitte and Accenture ditching their annual performance reviews, I have to…

BY: Susan Rochester August 8, 2016
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NAGCAS launches 2 new awards

Rising Star Award is a new initiative of the NAGCAS Community, sponsored by Balance at Work, that recognises the work…

BY: Susan Rochester July 19, 2016
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Managing complainers on your team

  Complainers. Whingers. How are you managing this type of employee in your organisation? Characteristics: Non-stop complaining about the company,…

BY: Susan Rochester June 30, 2016
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Timely feedback leads to better performance

Many high-performing companies, especially in the startup and tech sectors, are happily dropping the traditional performance review. Instead, they favour…

BY: Susan Rochester June 28, 2016