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Case study: 360 degree feedback for company culture

You can download this post as a PDF here: Case Study – 360 for Culture Late in 2012 we were…

BY: Susan Rochester April 22, 2013
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A (very) simple guide to business productivity

We’re all busy, so here’s some quick advice on how to get the most from your staff!  Of the millions…

BY: Susan Rochester April 16, 2013
People Management, Recruitment

Top interview secrets of the experts

Have you ever had the experience of employing someone who you “just loved” when you interviewed them, only to face…

BY: Susan Rochester April 9, 2013
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Seven key questions to ask about your team

  Do you have your ‘dream team’ working happily and productively in your business or your department?  Perhaps you feel…

BY: Susan Rochester April 2, 2013
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Even your best friend won’t tell you…

Complain to a colleague about an empoyee and they might tell you to just get rid of the person. You’re…

BY: Susan Rochester March 19, 2013
360 Degree Feedback, Coaching, People Management, Performance Management

Where’s all this leadership leading us?

We had leadership programs running constantly, but when a decision had to be made everyone stepped back and waited for…

BY: Susan Rochester March 5, 2013